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    24-hour towing services in Ballarat

    If you've been in an accident and want your vehicle restored to its original condition as quickly and efficiently as possible, then you need to come to Learmonth Road Smash Repairs today. Our team of experienced tradesmen provides our clients with comprehensive smash repairs and towing services.

    We've been servicing customers in Ballarat since 1970 and have built up a very loyal base of satisfied customers in that time.

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    24-hour towing services

    We offer towing services around the Ballarat and surrounding area. Making use of a tilt tray tow truck, our friendly and experienced team is perfectly equipped to handle almost any automotive emergency. Whether it’s a breakdown or accident, we'll be with you as quickly as possible.

    We understand that things have a tendency to go wrong at the worst possible time, so our towing services are available around the clock. Trade towing for all insurance companies is also available for your convenience.

    learmont road smash efficient repairs

    Efficient and reliable smash repairs

    Our highly skilled and experienced team specialises in smash repairs, as well as towing. As part of our comprehensive crash repairs service, we can also provide some mechanical and electrical repairs, which saves our customers the trouble of having their cars fixed by different shops.

    learmont road smash car detailing

    Expert car detailing

    At Learmonth Road Smash Repairs, we do everything we can to restore your car to its original condition. We don't just want to get you back on the road; we want to get you on the road looking better than ever before. That's why we provide an extensive car detailing service.

    This service includes both exterior and interior cleaning and is the perfect way to restore your car once any necessary repairs to the systems and chassis have been completed.

    learmont road smash restoration

    Cosmetic automotive restoration

    Whether your car is your pride and joy or just the machine you use to drop the kids off at school, what it looks like can be just as important as how it drives. Like it or not, your car can be a reflection of you and people will often judge you based on how it appears.

    That's why Learmonth Road Smash Repairs provides cosmetic car restoration as part of our panel beating and smash repairs services. Our team can professionally restore the appearance of your car, including both repainting and the finer details, such as upgrading and replacing parts.

    To find out more or for a free quote on our services, call us on 03 5339 5051 (workshop) or 03 5331 7355 (towing)!

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